Finest quality, locally sourced at great value prices!

Keeping It Local

Ashby’s are proud to offer a truly local farm shop stocking:-

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Dairy and Cheese
  • Fruit and Veg
  • Deli
  • Wines and Ales

Established in 1986 Ashby’s have been successfully trading in the Kingsbridge and Salcombe area, servicing the needs of the local population as well as visitors, for over three decades. Throughout this time we have always put a lot of energy into engaging with other hardworking local firms to help us bring the best products and customer service to you.

Local Farmers and Producers

This beautiful part of the world we live in thrives only if we can create sustainable communities who can afford to care for our treasured environment. Small farmers maintain our landscape and are caretakers of the countryside. Our fresh meat offering aims to only source stock from high quality, locally-based farms. In collaboration with our local farmers, we will offer the cuts you want at fair but affordable prices, whilst at the same time enhancing this sustainability, supporting the local community economy where it counts, and promoting high standards of animal welfare. This will help the countryside we know and love to thrive for future generations.

Our Meat and Poultry

In supporting local farmers we ensure that the animals lead more traditional, rural lives and not the artificial world of factory farming. They grow to maturity in their own time, eat real fresh grass, and have the freedom of open pastures. This makes for better meat texture and taste as well as significantly reducing animal stress levels. High quality meat created in this way means we don’t have to consume as much to obtain desired energy levels, it’s less intensive, so takes up less resources to produce it and doesn’t distort nature to chase volume.

Food Waste, Sustainability and the environment

Using traditional handcrafts, our skilled butchers allow us to make the most of the whole carcass. Performing all the cuts by hand really does maximise what can be obtained for consumption as well as significantly reducing waste. Buying just the cuts you want, in volumes you want, prevents a fridge full of excess waste at home. Using local farms also helps sustainability with a reduced carbon foot print of the farm to plate journey.

At Ashby’s we are very conscious of our environmental responsibilities. Buying from a real butcher at Ashby’s means less packaging and less environmental damage. The power we consume comes from a significant solar panel array we have installed on our roof. We also try to use as many recycled or compostable consumables as possible and correctly channel and recycle what waste we do produce.

Our Mission

Here at Ashbys all of us love Devon and the beautiful coastal countryside we live in. We will continue to strive to give our customers the best possible experience, support the community around us and pass on to future generations an environment we have the privilege to currently enjoy.