Clothing & Shoes


Ashby’s has a great selection of leisure clothing no matter what the season! If you are looking for coats, fleeces, socks or trousers for the family in the winter then look no further. With our stock of warm waterproof garments we can make sure your cosy whether walking on the moors, running the dog on the beach or going on a school trip. Then when the weather picks up and the sun comes out our selection of lighter gear will be just right for any activity both indoor and out.

Currently, we are having an enormous clearance sale of clothing – including great brands such as Saltrock, Old Guys Rule, and Urban Beach – so you have the chance to pick up some real bargains!

Wet Weather Gear

With the climate so unpredictable, Ashby’s understands the need for protection from the elements. We stock a great range or wet weather clothing and footwear from the simple mac-in-a-sac and wellies to high tech, breathable coats or fishermen’s breathable waterproofs. If the kids are off on a school trip, or the teenagers on an expedition, and you want to be dry at work and when you go shopping we have the clothing for you!


Ashby’s has a massive range of affordable footwear. We cater for all needs including wellingtons in the wet, safety shoes for work, yachting shoes, aqua shoes and neoprene boots, boots for walking, casual shoes for everyday wear and slippers for in front of the fire at the end of the day. With leading brands stocked we offer a range for all pockets and needs. Just drop in and try a pair!

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