Care Care & DIY Products

Your motor vehicle is an investment you want to protect and as such at Ashby’s you will find all of the basics that you would need to look after and maintain your car, bike, caravan, or motorhome on a daily basis!

With shampoos and wax polishes to protect the paintwork; accessories to enhance it; oils and additives to keep the engine and moving bits running smoothly; batteries, jump leads and tow ropes to rescue it and a wide range of tools to help repair and service it. Your pride and joy will look great and last longer.

If you tow a trailer or caravan then we stock some of the basic items to keep you going. Including (but not limited to): electrical plugs and wiring, trailer boards, replacement light lenses, wheels and tow balls, dust covers, jockey sets, fuses and bulbs.

You never know what bits and bobs you might need around the house either and for this reason we maintain a large DIY section with everything from nuts and bolts, to duct tape, and tools! You never know what you might need and we try to offer a large range so as to accomodate for this!

So, whether you need a new brake light bulb for your vehicle or you want a hammer to put up a shelf – we’ve got you covered!

You can find our car care section through the passage beside our fishing section.

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