Before we developed Ashby’s of Salcombe the site was Yarde Gate Nursery, a popular South Hams garden centre, and true to this past we have kept an emphasis on gardening! Whether you are an experienced gardener or you are buying your first plant – we have the stock for you!

Houseplants & Outdoor Plants

Plants make for wonderful additions to the home – both the interior and exterior – and so we maintain a varied range of both houseplants and outdoor plants from seeds and bulbs to fully-grown plants!

Ranging from succulents and cacti, to leafy shrubs, and floral plants we maintain a range of houseplants that are perfect for yourself or for gifting!

In our sheltered outdoor nursery we offer a shifting variety of seasonal plants ranging from herbs like chives and mint, to beautiful floral plants such as bluebells, hellebore, and lavender, to blackberry bushes! In addition to this we have a variety of trees and shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous.

Our stock not only reflects the demand of South Hams gardening by catering for the particular seasonal needs but we also aim to offer a range of products that will allow you to fulfil your own vision of your garden!

Gardening Equipment

In order to keep your plants so that they may be cultivated and thrive we maintain a well-stocked gardening equipment section!

The old saying is that ‘a workman is only as good as his tools’ and we have the answer to this in our extensive range of items from trowels and spades, to protective gloves and tub trugs, buckets, and wheelbarrows to put your cuttings in! Whether you are digging, raking, cutting, watering, pruning, deadheading, composting, or sawing we have the high quality, reliable products which you would need!

As well as this we have everything you would need to keep your garden in an orderly fashion – from string and markers to weed and slug killer!

We also stock a range of composts both for indoor and outdoor plants such that you can encourage fertile soils for the growth and prosperity of any number of different plants!

And, last but not least, we keep a range of pots for all sizes of plants, in terracotta as well as ceramic – all kept at highly competitive prices!

Garden Decorations & Furniture

The icing on the cake for any well-loved garden is decorations and furniture and this is something which we carefully select for our customers! From spinning wind sculptures to metal and stone sculptures and statues, as well as bird baths, stone benches, and sun dials, we have a selection of interesting, attractive conversation pieces that can add the finishing touch to your carefully cultivated garden!

The South Hams is not just a stunning area for its landscapes, however, but the wildlife that lives within it! We have a wide range of bird feeders, bird food, bird houses, and bird tables as well as the bird feed to go with them in stock! Also included within this are items such as hedgehog feed so we can help to protect habitat and encourage wildlife around our homes!